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Alaska Gift Guide

Our Top Alaskan Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who loves Alaska as much as we do? Take a look at our favorite gift ideas that are always keeping our customers leaving with a smile!

1. Authentic Alaskan Ulu


  • This is a multifaceted knife that was originally used to clean and skin animals by the Alaskan Aleut natives. 
  • Today the ulu is still used, especially when the salmon are abundant in the summer! 
  • From chopping nuts to slicing cheese and meats, cleaning and filleting fish to dressing game, this is always a special gift for someone to receive. 

2. Alaskan Children's Book


  • A great way to bring the spirit of Alaska to the imagination of kids, our children's books are a popular way to 
  • Making the Moose Out of Life is a joyful story about a moose's unlikely heroic journey that is a celebration about living life to the fullest!

3. Very Punny Alaskan Clothing

  • We love the designs of our t-shirts and clothing so much you'll often see the staff wearing them around town. By far our best selling category, our Alaskan themed t-shirts are:
    • exclusively unique
    • 100% comfortable
    • 110% hilarious! 
  • But whether it's comedy, or just a beautiful Alaskan design you're after, clothing is a great way to literally take some Alaskan pride with you everywhere you go. 

4. Alaskan Food

Alaska's Best Original King Salmon Jerky (1oz) - Pack of Six:  Grocery & Gourmet Food

  • What do you call a Salmon with a twitch? Salmon Jerky. 
  • So far we've covered gifts focused on sight and touch but, the tastes and smells of Alaska are also not to be overlooked. 
  • Want to know why customers are ordering 50 units of jerky? Because it's that delicious! 

5. Still out of ideas? Don't worry! 

  • We think the above are some of our sure-thing bets for an amazing Alaskan gift idea, but if you're not into them, well, it's a good thing we have 100+ more unique, high quality options for you at our online and retail stores. 
  • Get browsing for your perfect Alaskan gift or shoot us a message and we will be happy to show what great customer service is all about here. 

Happy gifting! 

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