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Alaskan Holiday Gift Ideas

Our curated selection of Alaskan gifts that are perfect for the holidays. We hope this helps make things easier for you. We are so proud of the below products: 

Plush Kids Toys


Our adorable stuffed animal / plush toys bring joy to kids as they fall in love with their little polar bear or moose friend for years to come. 

We love seeing their minds grow with imagination as their new best friend brings them new adventures and comfort. 

Our favorite is of course the polar bear! But our stuffed animals are so soft and cuddly that customers often buy a whole bunch of them.

Alaskan Womens Sleepwear and Pajamas


We chose the sleepshirts for the above photos because they have been the favorites from customers. The Alaskan designs are really cute, and make it a preference over other more generic sleepwear. We make sure we buy the most comfortable and soft material for our products so that it's not just about the Alaska design, but a first focus on quality. 

Alaskan Mens Sleepwear


This adorable black bear print with bum flaps is our top pick for Alaskan themed mens sleepwear. It's so comfortable and guys love the humor of the design, and whoever they are confident enough to wear it around. 

We also have this in kids for a super cute matching set for kids. We love the pics from our customers who buy both. 

Alaskan Children's Books


Our collection of Alaska themed kid's books are 

The moose's unlikely hero-journey is a lighthearted, contemporary fable that celebrates living life to the fullest.

For example, in Making the Moose Out of Life you follow a moose who lived in the wild, but didn’t act wild at all. His friends seemed to have fun whatever the occasion. Not the mild-mannered moose. But every now and then he would wonder if he was missing out on something. One fine day, the moose took a chance and set out on a spur-of-the-moment sailing trip that ended in a raging storm at sea. Stranded far from home, the moose had a decision to make: was he going to curl up in a ball and cry, or was he going to make the most of it?

We love each of the four books, they all encompass great Alaskan themes and values, and spark the imagination of kids. 


That's our list. We try and keep it short and sweet. We have so many other great products though, please call us or shoot us a message if you need any help deciding! Happy gifting y'all. 

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